Why the Goodman Foundation Supports the Work of Duffy


Goodman own, develop and manage commercial property and real estate space in Auckland. They have a lot of industrial property in South Auckland and their charitable foundation, The Goodman Foundation, is a supporter of Duffy Books in Homes. They’ve had a long relationship with us and are a funding partner/sponsor for three Auckland schools - Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate Junior School, Fairburn School and Wiri Central School. The relationship Goodman has with their three sponsor schools has evolved and at times they’ve been able to provide other support to the schools – for example with IT gear.

Goodman are proud to support their community and encourage their staff to attend the Role Model assemblies. “The Role Model assemblies are valuable and the excitement of the kids is infectious. It’s great to hear what the Role Models share with the kids too. We’ve also attended some assemblies for Caught Being Good awards and have seen them handed out to the kids – it’s a really great thing to see.”

Jonathan Simpson, who oversees The Goodman Foundation, says one of the values of the charitable foundation is children and youth. “The Duffy programme has aligned with the goals of our charitable foundation for some time so investing in education is a no brainer. It supports young people to achieve their best. You can see the positive influence the Duffy programme has on the kids.”

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