Become a Role Model

Each year, Duffy Books in Homes Role Models will help give out almost 650,000 books in the hope of improving literacy and securing a better future for the upcoming generation of New Zealand children who need it most.

The Role Model programme is one of our most popular and valuable assets in terms of the benefits for Duffy students. It is a pivotal way of promoting our message: ‘It’s Cool to Read and Cool to Achieve’.

Duffy Role Models from all walks of life give out books to Duffy kids from the Far North right through to Southland during Role Model assemblies. 

What we need our Role Models to do:

  • Let us know how much time you can give us. As little as an hour or as much as three weeks of your time will enable us to bring together Role Models from all walks of life to send to around 550 Duffy schools around the country. If you have three days or more and are able to travel, we would love to organise a trip for you to another region.
  • Attend a school assembly for up to an hour. We arrange the assembly time with you and notify the school with all the details, including a brief CV of your achievements.
  • Deliver the Duffy Books in Homes messages: ‘It’s Cool to Read!’ and ‘It’s Cool to Achieve!’
  • Take along props if you wish. The children love to see sports gear, medals, musical instruments, etc
  • Present books to the children or a couple of children from each class if it’s a big school. The child’s name and the name of the school and sponsor is printed on a special Duffy label inside the front cover of the book.
  • Answer questions from the children at the end of the assembly.
  • Have fun! Read a story, give a demonstration or entertain the children by participating in a game, song or dance

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