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Every year, two groups of travelling actors journey from North Cape to Bluff bringing the message It’s Cool to Read and Cool to Achieve to tens of thousands of Duffy kids. With over 500 schools to reach each year this exciting live 45-minute show has become a Duffy institution and a highlight of many school calendars. In previous years Duffy kids have been enthralled by shows such as Duffy Meets a Coggen, Duffy – Stuck in the Game! and Duffy in Bubble Trouble. This year Duffy kids have the chance to experience a brand new show – written just for them.

Our 2024 Show

Directed by Jeff Szusterman, Written by Lauren Jackson

Duffy has been reading a lot of mystery novels lately and we are lucky he has because a case has come up! His cousin, Crystal Kea, is a Black Fern but she is facing a crisis! Her stat card has been misprinted at the factory and it is really affecting her skill and confidence. Never fear, Duffy and Scruffy are on the case! Together, using their mystery books as a helpful guide, they must figure out who or what is behind the misprints so Crystal can get back to full form before her next game!

Thanks to students at Fairburn Primary School in Auckland for your ideas at the start of the creation process for our 2024 show!

Meet the Actors

You can check out what the two Duffy Theatre teams are up to on Facebook!  Like their page and let them know what you thought of the show or just find out what the actors get up to when they’re not entertaining Duffy kids!

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