How The Dines Family Charitable Trust supports the advancement of education

Funding Partners

Melissa Dines is the CEO of The Dines Family Charitable Trust. One of the goals of The Dines Family Charitable Trust is to advance education and Melissa thought the Duffy Books in Homes programme was a good fit. She’s also a member of the Board of Trustees for Massey High School who run a ‘Summer Reading’ programme for students and she believes that these two programmes complement each other.

Melissa firmly believes in the importance that reading has in activating your imagination. “I love the whole concept of books in homes and while literacy is the key goal there are even more benefits than reading – there’s the creative side of it too, as we draw images in our minds as we read.”

Melissa says: “If you’re thinking about becoming a funding partner you should just go for it as it’s rewarding on so many levels. The joy the kids get from the books and the involvement with the school and students really gives you those warm fuzzy feelings.”

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Funding Partners
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