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The vision of the Duffy Books in Homes Ready 4 Reading (R4R) programme, is to inspire a love of books in Duffy children so they become adults who inspire a love of reading in others. The programme aims to do this by creating and enhancing the desire for children to read through book ownership. Providing books to preschool children to take home helps promote and encourage families to engage and participate in their child’s reading. Our aim is to have five-year-old new entrants who are starting school familiar with books and ready to read!

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How the programme works

Licensed and/or chartered Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centres with a 1-4 equity rating or in close proximity to a primary school on the Duffy Books in Homes programme are eligible to join the R4R programme. All children on the programme choose their own brand new books to take home and keep. ECE Centres pay a small portion of the cost of each book ordered with the remainder being subsidised by support found by Duffy Books in Homes.

The Book Offers

There are two Book Offers a year around the second and the third quarters of the year. Our book supplier sends brochures and order forms to ECE Centres so children can make a considered choice. Children choose two books from each offer. It takes approximately four weeks from the time orders are placed to when the books arrive. Books are presented to children at mat times or special get-togethers organised by the ECE centre – these often include children’s parents and sometimes a special guest.

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Our Schools

Delivering the gift of brand new books to over 100,000 New Zealand children three times a year.

There are so many ways you can help Duffy thrive like funding a school, donating, becoming a role model or supporting our theatre teams. Drop us a line to find out more.