Why is Duffy Important? (From a Duffy Kid)


Meet Basim Kafoa from Auckland.

What are you doing now?

I’m currently in my first year as an actor with the Duffy Theatre tour. I’m definitely enjoying it!

Tell us a little bit about your time growing up…

Growing up as a Duffy kid in south Auckland, I definitely didn’t have much. Things such as breakfast club and free books from Duffy really got me through school. Those little things really meant a lot to me as a kid. Just believing that having nothing or being stuck in life isn’t the end, really pushed me through the challenges that I faced.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give your younger self?

Do NOT throw ANY dream away. Whatever you have at home should never determine how big you should dream. Dream just as big as everyone else in school, even if they have cooler things than you, you’ll get there some day!! BELIEVE ME YOU WILL!

What’s your favourite book/book series?

The Thea Stilton series. The adventures they had were always so good and planned out so well. A lot of the books I received from Duffy as a kid were Thea Stilton books.

What book do you wish you’d read as a kid?

I think I read all the books I wanted to as a kid and the books that I read when I was older were meant to be read at that time in my life.

What’s one thing you want every kid to know?

A kid with a good and pure heart, who tries to be of service to everyone, is the richest kid alive. It doesn’t matter how warm your house is or how much money your family has, everyone can be kind.

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