A Duffy School Coordinator’s Perspective


Lalueni is a Duffy co-ordinator at Weymouth Primary School in Auckland. She finds being a Duffy co-ordinator rewarding and the kids at school all know her as the ‘Duffy lady’. She became a coordinator in 2019 and says although it can be a busy job at times, it’s worth it to see the value and joy the programme brings.

She said this: “The benefits of the programme are that kids actually get to take the books home – some parents even come to watch the assemblies. The kids will also swap their books with others, so they get to read even more, which is especially beneficial for those who are only children. It encourages their love of reading and they enjoy reading different genres. They love the book series more and they really look after and appreciate the books. The theatre show is also amazing! Everyone loves it, they have Te Reo Maori and the actors are relatable. It makes the kids want to explore reading – to discover and explore the different stories and genres.”

Lalueni loves being a Duffy coordinator and says it brings so much joy – interacting with the children, seeing the kids receive their books, being known as the ‘Duffy lady’ and seeing the benefits of the programme. They also use it as a leadership opportunity for older kids at the school, she has a team of kids that help her with the programme. The kids help organise the books once they arrive, deliver the books to the classrooms, run the assemblies and teach the younger kids the actions to the Duffy song.

For anyone wondering if becoming a Duffy school is for them, she says, “It’s an awesome programme, it helps me as a teacher to get to know more kids in the school. Everyone benefits so take advantage of the opportunity. You won’t regret it!”

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