The ‘Why’ for Thompson Lawnmowers & Chainsaws

Funding Partners

Robyn-ann Rumney became involved with Duffy Books in Homes as a funding partner when their son started working for Duffy. She’d always known about Duffy and the primary school her kids had attended was a Duffy school so she knew what Duffy was about. However, it wasn’t until her son started working at Duffy Books in Homes, that her and her husband Lyall decided to become more involved with Duffy Books in Homes and become funding partners.

Their business Thompson Lawnmowers & Chainsaws in Rotorua, sponsors two local rural schools in the Rotorua area and they’ve sponsored the schools for over 3 years. As well as being a funding partner, sponsoring 50% of the cost of the books for both schools, Robyn-ann also tries to go along to the Role Model assemblies and see the kids receive their books.

Robyn-ann is a huge reader herself and believes it’s important that every child is exposed to reading early and how that builds their life experience. She says, “As an avid reader and after encouraging my boys to become readers, it was a no-brainer really to support Duffy and the work they do. We’re in a position to be able to help our local country schools and it’s such a worthwhile cause, we wish we could do more”.

She says to anyone thinking about becoming a sponsor/funding partner, “Do it! It is absolutely worth every penny. We often receive lovely letters from the kids who receive books and it’s wonderful to be able to visit the schools during the Role Model assemblies and see the kids receive their books.”  

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