Scholastic Duffy Day Out
23 Aug - 23 Aug

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Duffy's Book Day comes to Remuera Library

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Welcome to our newest Duffy schools joining or rejoining the programme in Term 3 2017:

Aranga School
Banks Avenue School
Barrytown School
Brookfield School
Eketahuna School
Hampstead School
Kaitangata Primary
Matakohe School
Oamaru North School
Orere Primary
Pekerau School
Pokeno School
Riverhills School
Ruawaro Combined School
Silverdale Normal School
St Marcellin School (Whanganui)
Tangowahine School
Tokoiti School
Tuturumuri School
Upper Atiamuri School


School Resources

We've put together some useful resources on books, reading and motiviation for schools and teachers to use.


We'd love to hear from you if you have any ideas to add to this page so please email us with your suggestions.

Every Duffy school that has a suggestion published will receive a free book for the school library.


Primary and Intermediate resources

Download the Duffy Coordindator's Best Practices Manual

Download the Book Offer 3 brochure   

Download the Book Offer 3 2017 Instructions (Including online ordering) 

Download the 2017 School Leader info for selected leaders

Download the Proud to be a Duffy School poster 

Download the 'Caught Being Good' certificate

Download the 2017 Duffy Theatre teacher resources  Read Your Heart Out

Download the 2017 Duffy Year Planner   


Check upcoming dates online

Kids at Home resources

Download the Kids at Home A3 poster

Download the Kids at Home parent newsletter 

Download the Kids at Home Helpful Hints

Download the Kids at Home School Register 

You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the Duffy Year Planner, Book Offer brochures, Best Practices Manual and Kids at Home brochures - click the icon to download it for free!


Duffy logos and images

Click on the images below to download larger versions for use in school signs, publications and class projects.  Then just right click on the large image and choose 'Save Image As' to save it to your computer.

Duffy Logo 2017 


Duffy elbows

Duffy raised hat

Duffy sitting

Duffy thumbs up

Duffy walking


Read About It - The Duffy Song

Just right click on the images or links below and choose 'Save Target As' to save the song to your computer in MP3 format.  You can then play it in iTunes or Windows Media Player or burn to a CD for use during Duffy assemblies and other activities.

Duffy Song NZ

Download the New Zealand version of the Duffy Song 

Duffy Song Instrumental

Download the instrumental version of the Duffy Song

Duffy Song Hip Hop Version

Download the hip hop version of the Duffy Song

Duffy Song Reggae Version

Download the reggae version of the Duffy Song

Duffy Song Original

Download the original version of the Duffy Song

Duffy Song Original Instrumental

Download the original instrumental version of the Duffy Song

Duffy Song Hillary Heart Beats

Download the Hillary Heart Beats version of the original Duffy Song


Useful websites  




These websites provide some useful information and
resources for teachers on reading and literacy:



Strengthening Relationships

The success of the Duffy Books in Homes programme at your school depends on us, you the school, your students, their parents and your sponsors.

Duffy Books in Homes
We are always here to help in any way we can. If you need assistance with the programme, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The parental role in instilling a love of books and reading is crucial. Often your parents need help and guidance. One way that they can get involved is with Duffy Books in Homes assemblies, theatre performances and, of course, Caught Being a Good Mum/Dad/Grandparent awards. You can invite parents to participate by downloading an invitation template and perhaps sending it out with your school newsletter.

The programme would not exist without the help of your sponsors. Many sponsors love hearing about the events at your school or from the kids directly. The contact you have with them helps them to feel that their contribution to the school is effective and appreciated. You can involve your sponsor in assemblies and the theatre by downloading an invitation template or help your kids send a message or photo online with an e-card.

Donors are an integral part of Duffy books getting into homes. For those schools around the country that cant find a specific supporter, donors help to contribute to funding the programme. If you are aware of donors in your community, use the invitation template to invite them to Duffy events at your school.






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